Government Affairs For The New Economy

With years of high-level involvement in politics and campaigns, we’ve built an unrivaled network to leverage for our clients. Our advocacy doesn’t end at getting a face-to-face meeting with an elected or key staff. We navigate our clients through maze-like regulatory and legislative processes, collect trustworthy intelligence, and anticipate legislative developments. From bill analysis to whipping votes, we cut through the red tape so that our clients can focus on running on their business.


Coalition Building

Effectively influencing public policy also requires influencing public opinion. We understand the complex network of community influencers and thought leaders that surround every elected official. From labor union leaders to neighborhood groups, and everyone in between, we work to create coalitions galvanized around our clients’ objectives. When faced with opposition, we hit the ground to change hearts and minds; education on the issues is crucial to swaying public opinion and delivering winning results to our clients.


Communications Consulting

Strategic storytelling is key to steering public discourse and influencing policymakers. This means delivering the right message to the right audience, at the right time, through the right channels. With extensive media and public relations experience, and a keen sense of audience psychology, the Milo Group ensures that our clients’ message breaks through the noise.


Land Use

Entitlements. Zoning. Permits. CEQA. Even the most established land use professionals wince at facing these barriers to potential projects. With battle-tested experience in land use policy, the Milo Group streamlines and simplifies the entitlement, zoning, and permitting process for our clients. We work with government agencies, elected officials, and stakeholder groups, to ensure quality projects come to fruition.


Strategic Partnerships

We get it. Our clients’ needs are not restricted to just one city, one county, or even one state. That’s why we partner with trusted, well-renowned consultants to create a network of influence throughout the Bay Area and beyond, including Jackson & Main, LLC in the South Bay and Argentum Partners in Nevada.

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